Qu'est-ce que le DAN

Daneel is a French 'crypto-startup'​ from Montpellier. The story begins in early 2018 with a cryptomone fundraiser (ICO) that raised more than 2 million euros in just 2 days to develop an AI capable of detecting fake news in the Blockchain market.Daneel, the AI developed by the startup, was released in December 2018 as a mobile application, just 9 months after the fundraising. In the form of an intelligent assistant, the application provides at a glance a clear overview of the current state of the Blockchain and cryptocurrency market. This is a major asset in a market where investors are often misled by information manipulation. In addition, Daneel helps educate these users to better understand the Blockchain and its challenges. Daneel makes it possible to obtain a score of the overall market sentiment per asset or global. As the market reacts very strongly to current events, prices are therefore strongly correlated with investor sentiment.