Cryptocurrencies or crypto-assets

EU Terminology

Crypto-assets are also commonly known as cryptocurrencies, virtual currencies, or tokens. But keep in mind that the EU does not consider these as currencies. The term crypto-asset is therefore the closest term to reality.

What about security?

Security on the blockchain

Decentralised blockchain

A blockchain is decentralized, which means that the information is not stored on a single central server, but is replicated exactly on all the computers participating in this blockchain. This technology is based on peer-to-peer (P2P) exchanges, and all databases must be identical in order to be valid.

The transparency of the blockchain information being total, it is possible to retrace the history of all the modifications made to the database since its creation. It is easily understood that if one or more computers, also called nodes of the network, display different data, the majority of servers will still be the reference standard for the validation of transactions, hence the absence of a central control body or trusted third party.

Consensus and attacking risks

As explained above, every change made to the database must be approved and verified by the majority of network nodes. This system is therefore very secure, because to corrupt it, it would be necessary to simultaneously attack more than 51% of the participating replicate databases.

Trading Cryptos

Learning on bit4you

Demo account

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Using technical indicators

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Buying on bit4you

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